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Specialization and segmentation of tasks sometimes detract from teams’ vision and intuition. At SiG we train our clients to generate an overall vision that helps to understand better and guide the key points in the solution of the electrical problems that surround a wind farm or a photovoltaic plant.

Training is deeply rooted in the DNA of SiG, our differentiating factor is to integrate training milestones in our consulting work, to technologically empower our clients’ teams

Formación eolica fotovoltaica SiG en Centros de control
Control Centers
Formación eolica fotovoltaica SiG en Equipos de ingeniería
Engineering Teams

High-impact short courses with key competency content for renewable energy engineering work

Formación eolica fotovoltaica SiG
Support a specific team specialization:
- Inverter behavior
- turbine behavior
Formación eolica fotovoltaica SiG
- Systemic view of a photovoltaic plant, with the relations between its different subsystems.
- Systemic view of the wind turbine, with the relations between its different subsystems.

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    Knowledge and experience to simulate for some of the main developers and utilities worldwide
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