Take the best decisions with the results of simulating your plants performance

Operating plants

Many good engineers can simulate, but only a few have the knowledge and experience to add value and extract more information from the simulation results. That information is the key to guarantee results, in the exigent investments.

Thanks to our team’s expertise, we not only run simulations for our clients, but extract value from the results, in order to avoid problems and maximise benefits.

  • Anticipate the maintenance investments and replacements.

Evaluation based on SCADA collected data:

  • Evaluate power losses and operating temperature in DC cables
  • Energy loss evaluation studies
  • Reactive management and/or tension settings
  • Transformers loss in life span evaluation

Some benefits of supporting operation power plants with simulation

Mediante nuestras simulaciones, modelados y estudios conseguimos:
  • 01.
    Avoid and anticipate problems
  • 02.
    Evaluate plant performance
  • 03.
    Optimice production
    Thanks to updates and improvements in the plant settings
  • 04.
    Grid compliance updates
    We verify and facilitate the grid compliance updates for different grid operators

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Knowledge and experience to serve you, and some of the main European developers and utilities
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    Oter services we can help you with

    Servicio para parques en desarrollo - SigcoopPLANTS UNDER DEVELOPMENT
    • Capability studies
    • Grid compliance studies
    • Plan design
    • Simulation + certification of PV and wind farms
    • Simulation + storage systems study
    Estudios de almacenamiento de energía - Sigcoop
    • Sizing
    • Aging evaluation in cycling because of grid services support
    • PV and/or Wind hybridation
    • Black-Start
    • Techno-economic studies
    Servicio para parques en desarrollo - Sigcoop
    • Inverters
    • Wind Turbines
    • PPCs and STATCOMs

    In company training

    SiG, as an independent consultant, offers training to its clients to empower them technically and that, through short high-impact courses, allow them to compete better and be more efficient and effective.

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