Better models mean a better service and more sales

Modelling for manufacturers

Facilitating the client’s grid integration is one the best commercial tools for an inverter or wind turbine manufacturer. Sell more by helping your customers with their grid connection needs.

We know the grid connection requirements and we can help you in the dialogue with the utility operators.

SiG’s team has an extensive experience modelling with simulation software, bot RMS (Digsilent, PSSE) and EMT (PSCAD, EMPT-RV, ATP, Digsilent) platforms.

We can help your models with:

  • Updates
  • DLL programming
  • Validations against field tests
  • Translations between platforms
  • DLL translation between different platforms
  • Complex model or highly personalized model developing
  • Performing a set of test simulations

Specific solutions for:

Model development and simulation support for you and your clients

    We can help you!

    Other services we can help you with

    Servicio para parques en desarrollo - SigcoopPLANTS UNDER DEVELOPMENT
    • Capability studies for the utility
    • Grid compliance studies
    • Plan design
    • Simulation + certification of PV and wind farms
    • Simulation + storage systems study
    Servicio para parques en operación - Sigcoop
    • Operation support studies, in order to maximize production
    • Analysis and solutions for security problems in power electronics
    • SSR solution services
    Estudios de almacenamiento de energía - Sigcoop
    • Dimensionado de instalaciones
    • Plants sizing
    • Aging evaluation in cicling because of grid services support
    • PV and/or Wind hybridation
    • Black-Start
    • Techno-economic studies

    In company training

    SiG, as an independent consultant, offers training to its clients to empower them technically and that, through short high-impact courses, allow them to compete better and be more efficient and effective.

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