Wind and Photovoltaic farms simulation

Take the best decisions with the results of simulating your plants performance.

Many good engineers can simulate, but only a few have the knowledge and experience to add value and extract more information from the simulation results. When you have to make an exigent investment that information is key to guarantee results.

Thanks to our team’s expertise, we not only run simulations for our clients, but extract value from the results, in order to avoid problems and maximise benefits.

We provide grid compliance services in many renewable markets, from the Spanish NTS of REE to the exigent Australian GPS for AEMO.

Simulador Eólico y Fotovoltaico

By simulating we provide this services to our clients

Servicio para parques en desarrollo - SigcoopPLANTS UNDER DEVELOPMENT
  • Capability studies
  • Grid compliance studies
  • Plan design
  • Simulation + certification of PV and wind farms
  • Simulation + storage systems study
Servicio para parques en operación - Sigcoop
  • Operation support studies, in order to maximize production
  • Analysis and solutions for security problems in power electronics
  • SSR solution services
Estudios de almacenamiento de energía - Sigcoop
  • Plants sizing
  • Aging evaluation in cicling because of grid services support
  • PV and/or Wind hybridation
  • Black-Start
  • Techno-economic studies
We can help you!

We provide solutions to

Knowledge and experience to simulate for some of the main developers and utilities worldwide
Support in models development, and in the simulation needs of its best clients
Do you know how much money your plant is NOT making? We help you find out
Quality, agility and precision for the best service to your client

Advantages of simulating a wind or PV power plant

  • 01.
    Avoid and anticipate problems
  • 02.
    Evaluate the plant performance
  • 03.
    Optimice the plant production
    Thanks to updates and improvements in the plant settings
  • 04.
    Grid Connection
    We verify and facilitate the grid compliance needs for different grid operators.

También te puede interesar los servicios que ofrecemos orientados a los fabricantes

Modelos para fabricantes - SiG
Modelos para fabricantes - SiG

We provide modelling and simulation services for some of the top 5 inverter and windmill manufacturers, using the main simulation EMT and RMS platforms like  PSCAD, Digsilent Power Factory, PSSE, EMTP-RV…

We help and support our clients with simulation, testing and certification needs, with accredited companies and certification bodies.

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